Trading Central MT5 Tools

Enhance your trading with Trading Central’s unique range of technical analysis indicators. Identify new trading opportunities, improve your entry/exit timing, and gain instant insight into Trading Central’s preferred direction, with target levels and alternative support line and pivot scenarios.


As an integral feature of the MT5 platform, the MetaEditor software allows you to create, edit and compile indicators, expert advisors, and custom scripts in the MQL5 coding language, which is easier to use and more efficient than MQL4. In addition, it permits trade requests to be made with only one coding function instead of […]

MT5 Strategy Tester

The MT5 platform features a strategy tester, allowing you to backtest and optimize your Expert Advisors using historical prices.


As an integrated functionality in the MT4 terminal, the MetaEditor allows you to create, edit and compile customized indicators and experienced advisors in the MQL4 codinglanguage.

MT4 Strategy Tester

Platform MT4 is equipped with a strategy tester that enables backtesting and optimization of the Expert Advisors using the historical prices.