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How can I apply for a premium AI account?

Once you deposit €39,000+ (or equivalent currency) into your Vip portfolio, our manager will contact you.


Our team of experts is readily available to offer top-notch technical support and engage in meaningful discussions surrounding trade concepts with you.


Receive individualized assistance, comprehensive market evaluation, aid with intricate trades, and a collaborative companion for planning tactics and mitigating risk throughout trading hours.

Personal Manager

Get access to new features, products, curated news, and exclusive event invites from your relationship manager. Your point of contact is on hand to help with platform, trading, and account queries, in your local language.

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Our team of top-notch strategists provides unparalleled daily market insights and analysis on a vast array of global assets and tradable instruments.


As a valued VIP member, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to attend exclusive market-focused events and unforgettable experiences.

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