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One to One

Refer your traders to us and earn reductions on the trading amounts they trade

1. Earn up to 33% of our profits for each activated investor.

2. More clients are referred, more earnings will increase.

Max. Leverage

Financial Fees

Trading on Micro Lots


Super-fast execution

Access to experience in higher quality execution & trading environments

With AI2 Trade, we are proud to provide fully clear execution quality with one of the best artificial intelligence systems.

  1. Zero intervention by the dealing desk
  2. Commission-free, competitive spreads
  3. Ultra-fast executions with most trades completed in less than 13 ms
  4. Ultra-low latency Equinix co-located data center
  5. The deepest liquidity offers the best attainable Bid and Ask prices
*Looked at the spreads of the MT4 account. The prices are only an indication. Please click on the individual pictograms to see the average trading environment and spread for each account model.

Display the entire range of decks

AI2 Trade recognizes that customers of different types have different requirements. This is why we offer a variety of reliable and winning platforms and account types to choose from.


Operate mobile CFD markets directly from your cell phone & benefit from an extremely low latency trading facility, Premium Order Processing, and high Liquidity.

The platform is adapted to iOS and Android.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Trading Market
  2. Management of trading accounts
  3. Payment options diversity
  4. Actual Economic Trends

Account only for profesional traders

AI Account is a platform dedicated only to professional investors who want to have the maximum service and who want to be part of the VIP Group in the highest investments and better profits.